Ludomo Gamestudio is founded by Kjell ‘t Hoen, straight after leaving college.

Since its start in 2009 Ludomo has grown and been involved in the design and developed of many games.

Some examples are the games featured on this website, like:

These games have been published on GameHouse, BigFish and other big portals.

Other examples are design and development projects for clients like:

We believe in delivering new experiences to the world. As a result games developed by Ludomo Gamestudio always have something new to offer.

A lot of our games have a strong puzzle component. We like to offer a challenge that makes you stop and think for a while, instead of mere brainless button bashing that makes some games feel like work.

We love everything about the process of making games. We love consulting companies about them, talking about them, prototyping them, improving them or testing them.

But most of all, we love the players that enjoy them.

Have Fun!