Indigo Showcase impression and playtests

On 10 mei 2010, in Misc., by Kjell 't Hoen

During the Indigo showcase, we had the opportunity to play-test all of our games.

Featured at the event were Wheels of Imagination, Curve Ball, Linkage, Sumo Roll and our new title, that has jet to be anounced.

Here are some video’s of the event and of people playing our games:

The event:

YouTube Preview Image

Playtesting Curve Ball:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Playtesting Sumo Roll:

YouTube Preview Image

Looking back at the event, it was very exciting to showcase the games, but I was really hoping to find publishers, or people with money that were interested in realizing an Indi game. And they were not present, or we failed to find any.