Has it been 8 years?! For the last 8 years, I’ve been successful as an entrepreneur and game designer in many corners of the industry. Most of all, I’ve been having fun.

During that time I’ve learned a great deal about the design, development and monetization strategies for games.

In terms of game design and development my main expertise lies in the casual games sector, where I worked on numerous shipped titles. (For example: the Fabulous Angela’s franchise, Hotel Mahjong, Gold Rush and Shangri La). I also developed and published my own titles. (For example: Glimmer, Excursions of evil and Ludoku).

During the development of the Facebook games Magic Solitaire World, Fruit Fever and Bubble World I learned about optimizing monetization.

I also worked in the field of serious game development where I learned to focus on clients and games as a tool for learning, change and strategy.

Last but not least, I am well acquainted with mobile platforms. Ludoku, Rick ‘O Shea and Quiver are just a few examples of many successful games and sometimes learning experiences.

Game design is my passion and I feel very fortunate to be part of this amazing, fast-growing industry. Mobile and PC games, as well as serious games and gamification, are gaining momentum and I always strive to be in front of the line.

Are you with me?

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