Indigo 2017

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Indigo 2017

June 30, 2017

We went by the Indigo showcase 2017, held in De Lik!

De Lik

De Lik is an interesting location. A relatively small prison with the larger rooms showcasing most of the VR games which is really everywhere right now.
The prison cell blocks on different levels was the area where the individual indie game developers could show their games.

The Games

A list of the games we spotted that most stood out in the crowd

Unforeseen Incidents

Story based point and click adventure. Nice graphics but super slow progress.

Keyboard sports

Original game in which the entire keyboard is used as a controller. The keyboard was used as a layer underneath the field. Pressing ENTER would make the character walk to the ENTER position on the field. Lots of puns: getting the teacher T and opening CAPSLOCK. Fun game, interesting way of controlling. Story started out making you suck at sport and rub that in your face as your teacher QUERTY appears to tell you again you suck and he will teach you.

Bury me, my Love

Game that resembled a chat screen. By way of conversation a story is told between the player and another character that is taking a trip. During the course of the conversation he sends you images and you can choose what to answer (always only 2 options). You can see where he is by checking a linked map app. Interesting game but lots of idle chat without a lot of meaningful stuff happening, but maybe that improves later.

Lonely Mountains Downhill

Game about descending a mountain with a mountain bike. Really great physics, jumping, sliding and falling on your face but not as unforgiving as some other balance games. So much fun I had to finish the entire mountain that was the demo.

Sparkling Society

Huge city building game with lots of resources and great art. Could not grasp the flow of the game because everything was unlocked and I could simply buy everything. Cool how they incorporated characters inside the homes and tiny people walking around in the world.

Hidden Folks

Latest game by Adriaan de Jongh, huge hidden object scenes in black and white with cute animations. Where is Waldo gameplay with a list of stuff you can find underneath the scene.

Have a blast

4-player shooter in space. Incredibly difficult controls. You quickly run out of ammo and everything floating inside the screen will kill you. Really hard game, despite cool graphics could not keep me bothered long. Even the developer thought it was hard to play and thought about redoing the entire control scheme because it sucks.

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