Dutch Game Awards 2017 – Angela’s Highschool Reunion

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Dutch Game Awards 2017 – Angela’s Highschool Reunion

October 10, 2017

The Dutch Game Awards 2017 was the most spectacular Awards event ever held in the Netherlands. It was bigger and better than the previous ones and everyone was there, also players that were not nominated.

Presenting was Skate, from the dutch magazine Power Unlimited and later the television show GameKings.

The team I’m with were the ‘Flamingos’ from GameHouse, with whom I build their latest game in the Fabulous franchise: Angela’s Highschool Reunion. I had submitted the game right before the deadline had passed and we got nominated for best casual game!

After some drinks, the nominations commenced. Category after category followed until finally the casual games category emerged. The previous awards, where we got nominated with Angela’s Fashion Fever, we had lost against a game called “Lines”. This time, we were up against a game called “Circles”, so we were hoping for the best but expected the worst. The moment of the announcement was super exciting, but unfortunately we were yet again beaten by a super abstract game.

Diner and interesting talks about the industry followed, with questions asked by the presenter. What was interesting was that the company I work for, GameHouse got mentioned as one of the mayor players in the dutch games industry. This was remarkable because most of the industry is usually unaware of our accomplishments in the casual games sector.

All in all a great evening, although the outcome wasn’t with a Dutch Game Award in the pocket.

I was humbled by yet again not having reached one of my mayor life goals; winning a big game award. However, after this event, I have never been so motivated or determined to make that dream a reality!

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