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Press Release Farm Slider

Oktober 23, 2018

Do you remember those impossible sliding puzzles from the 80’s and 90’s? If you don’t, you most likely suppressed the memory. As a kid I had several plastic sliding puzzles, some of which (I am, almost, completely sure) were impossible.

Farm Slider is exactly like those puzzles, with a few little exceptions. Firstly, the game designer tried and tested all levels and swears they are all finishable, so no excuses (If you can’t finish them, it’s you). Second, if you are unable to figure it out, you cannot pull out one of the plastic tiles and shove ‘em back in at the right spot (you know who you are). And third, they were never this nice to look at.

Farm Slider is not only an extremely challenging puzzle game that will keep even the most experienced puzzlers occupied for hours, it also looks great and has a happy farm soundtrack you will not be able to get out of your head (trust me, I’ve tried).

For the price of a cup of coffee ($1,99 – Oh, who am I kidding: half a cup of coffee) you get 32 levels varying from easy to extremely challenging. The game has been released on Android and will be released on iOS before the end of the 2018

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