About Us

At Ludomo Gamestudio we make new, original games

All our games are casual and have puzzle elements in them

You can find our games on Steam, GameHouse, Zylom, Google Play and Amazon

If you want to know more about us or our games, feel free to contact us!

Have fun!

What people are saying about our games

Rick O’ Shea

“So as our hero, Rick, bounces from cannon to cannon, hopping over spike traps, avoiding sharks, and generally behaving like one of the really fun levels from Donkey Kong Country”

Pocket Gamer
“The ‘just one more go’ appeal manages to overcome any bouts of frustration you may encounter, and the end result is a hugely enjoyable action-puzzler that will keep you busy for many days to come.”


Player reviews

“Surprisingly good game. expected nothing but got a nice brain teaser game. Idea is to get the ludoku ball moved from start to finish in a very small grid with as few moves as possible. first two episodes are for learning ánd casual play but then slowly things get tricky. play areas are small but the amount of moves required to finish is now almost constantly over 20 as you pass ep. 3 and 4. 8.5/10″

“The game is just like the video and pictures. A nice puzzle game.”

“A nice, well-made puzzle game.”

“Fun puzzle game. I’m not usually a fan of this type of puzzle game but thought I would give this one a try. The difficulty progression in the first few worlds that I have progressed through has been very well done. New concepts are introduced at a steady pace to keep things interesting. I often find the difficulty of this time of game either stays too easy or ramps up to quickly, so far this one is just right.”