BLOOD RITE is a gruesome human resources game. Mine gems to spawn new minions. Sacrifice these minions to keep ahead of the fire. Then use their blood for special powers like shields, power-ups, and daggers to defeat incoming foes. 

BLOOD RITE is about an ancient tribe bound to escape the great fire that is haunting them. 

Human Resource Management


The tribe has to increase their numbers by collecting gems


When there are enough minions, they can be sacrificed to escape the fire

Tower Defence

Archer towers

Archers will automatically target any incoming foes

Electrical towers

Use electrical towers by pressing the enemy you want to fry


BLOOD power

Use the BLOOD of your acolytes for special powers 

Ultimate power

Your ultimate power almost completely clears the air of enemies

Screenshots & Trailer


* Loads of different enemies and traps *

* Procedurally generated tunnels *

* Epic bossfights *

* Highscore driven *

* Coming to PC, Mac and mobile devices *