A gruesome sacrificial game where your acolytes are your main resource to escape the fires of damnation

– Latest Releases –

Farm Slider

An upbeat slider puzzle in a beautifully minimal farm theme. Simple, challenging, addictive


Ludoku is a unique puzzle game inspired by Sudoku, filled with surprize, twists and turns

Cannon Bros.

Steal the show with the Cannon Bros. in this Show Stoppingly addictive Puzzle

– Classics –


Save Elithium from destruction in this epic match 3 game. Use you match-3 skills in a whole new way. Move entire rows of blocks, shift them and rotate them around one another. Collect resources and glimmer during your quest and use them in your battle against the dragon. Walk through field, forest and mine and visit temples that now have fallen to ruin, but prepare for the evil that now dwells there.

Excursions of Evil

Join Audrey as she visits the spooky surroundings on the shore of England where a murder mystery has taken place


Enjoy hours of puzzle fun in this crossbow bolt to the brain

Curve Ball

This one-button game starts out easy, but gets difficult really fast!